What 2 Lost Souls Means to Jesse

“As the artist and creator of 2 Lost Souls, as I feel as if I have lived 2 different paths of life or as I see it, “2 Lost Souls”. One soul is the structured hard working, get up early and work long rigorous laborious hours to pay provide for my family soul. The second soul is my un-structured creative, imaginative, expressive, artistic soul. I have a passion for going to my industrial job and engineering with tools, large cranes, welding and cutting with torches and using my constructive mind to help create complex piping systems within communities for the world to function. I also have an ingrained passion for creating impressions through my drawing and sketching.
My envisionment’s come to life on my blank canvases after hours of using my instinctual talents which is truly gratifying. The 2 Lost Souls movement is an anthem for all those who have made an imprint for those in their lives with dual passions and ambitions. My question to you is, What are your 2 Lost Souls?” ~ Jesse Ryan Palmer