Sudara blu Featuring The Artist Jesse Palmer


Sudara blu is honored to feature Jesse Palmer as the artist for Sudara blu’s clothing, accessories and home and living designs. Sudara blu welcomes Jesse with open arms as his images flow with such precision and authenticity. Jesse’s work expresses Sudara blu’s true intention of bringing light, encouragement and empowerment to our highest selves through the clothes and items we choose to have around us. Jesse also has an apparel and accessory line called, 2 Lost Souls which carries men’s and women’s clothing and other medias of his artwork.

Jesse Ryan Palmer
Born and raised in Mesquite, Texas, Jesse Ryan Palmer found his love for art at a very early age by drawing and recreating images out of comic books and newspapers. As Jesse got older, he refined his skill into his own images through pencil, markers, charcoal, and acrylics. In high school, Jesse excelled in his art classes, especially in his illustration techniques. Jesse’s influences are Salvadore Dali and others from the surrealism movement. It became a common occurrence for Jesse’s friends to ask him to hand draw and design custom t-shirts for special events that they were attending.

In College, Jesse enrolled himself in welding courses to expand his portfolio with metal art for his work with sculptures and artist’s impression. Jesse quickly caught the attention of his peers, who requested him to do a sculpture at the state fair in Texas. Throughout Jesse’s life, there has been an instinct impulse to sketch on blank items he has come across. His canvases have included: t-shirts, pizza boxes, napkins, cups, plates, bottles, hats, gloves, shoes and on models, even if they had 4 legs, (If they let him, he has drawn on them).

Throughout Jesse’s artistic career, Jesse has been given a broad spectrum of opportunities to expand in a plethora of art medias. As a young adult, Jesse was given a platform to be an apprentice and eventually work as a tattoo artist. It was there at the shop that Jesse was encouraged and motivated to refine his detail in his depictions and illustrations from his mentors and peers. Every artist has a muse that they unconditionally fall in love with and if he or she has the blessing of a lifetime to have their muse reciprocate, they can give the world the greatest love story. For Jesse, his muse was in California while working industrial job as a Union Pipefitter.

What 2 Lost Souls means to Jesse
“As the artist and creator of 2 Lost Souls, as I feel as if I have lived 2 different paths of life or as I see it, “2 Lost Souls”. One soul is the structured hard working, get up early and work long rigorous laborious hours to pay provide for my family soul. The second soul is my un-structured creative, imaginative, expressive, artistic soul. I have a passion for going to my industrial job and engineering with tools, large cranes, welding and cutting with torches and using my constructive mind to help create complex piping systems within communities for the world to function. I also have an ingrained passion for creating impressions through my drawing and sketching. My envisionment’s come to life on my blank canvases after hours of using my instinctual talents which is truly gratifying. The 2 Lost Souls movement is an anthem for all those who have made an imprint for those in their lives with dual passions and ambitions. My question to you is, What are your 2 Lost Souls?” ~ Jesse Ryan Palmer